Massage at Appleonia Beauty Studio

Body Treatments



Swedish Massage

1/2 hour back, neck, shoulder and arm massage £42

Course of six - £232

1 hour body massage £65

2hr body massage £110

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy maximises the healing benefits of massage with hand-crafted blends of aromatic essential oils that are specifically geared to calm, balance and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

1/2 hour back, neck and shoulder massage £48

1 hour body massage £72

11/2 hour body massage, includes face and scalp £89

Thai Style Aromatic Massage

Therapeutically purifying aromatic herbs and spices are steamed in muslin

compresses. An exotic Eastern pressure point massage using the compresses, works to soothe and alleviate stress, fatigue and muscle tension. This encourages the body’s own detoxifying, self cleansing and healing process. Fantastic for the mind, body and soul!

1 hour body massage £74

1 1/2 hour full body massage £94

2 hour full body massage £120

No Hands Body Massage

A wonderfully relaxing, spiritual, soft deep pressure applied by the practioner using the arms legs and head.

1/2 hour back massage £48

1 hour body massage £72

1 1/2 hour body massage £89

Colonic Massage - Helpful for digestive or emotional stress £48

Structure Clinic - Body realignment  £50

Complementary Therapies



A 4,000 year old therapy, based on the understanding that the soles of the feet contain reflex points that connect to all the organs of the body. Specific pressure techniques detect imbalances and dissipate energy blockages to alleviate stress and promote the body's ability to heal itself.

1 hour £50

Indian Head Massage

An ancient pressure point massage applied to the scalp, neck and shoulders to eliminate scalp, neck and shoulder tension. Wonderful for migraine sufferers and insomnia.

45 mins £49.50

Hopi Ear Candling

A wonderfully calming head clearing therapy.  It can aid in the resolution of stress and anxiety, is known to alleviate headaches, sinusitis, catarrh, hay fever, glue ear, menieres, dizziness and tinnitus.  It can also help to combat ear discomfort whilst flying.  Treatment is completely painless and suitable for children.

40 mins £49.50

Holistic Luxury Back, Face and Scalp Treatment

Enjoy a sense of peace and harmony with this treatment, beginning with a back salt scrub and Swedish massage, followed by a deep cleansing facial treatment flowing into a full head, neck, shoulder and scalp massage.  Perfect for soothing away daily tensions.

2 hours £110


Volcanic Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment works synergistically using healing massage techniques and heated, smooth basalt stones.  The hot stones are strategically placed, deeply warming the body, harmoniously melting and releasing muscle and mind tensions.  This relaxes the entire body at its deepest level.  The movement of the hot stones over the skin, inspires a spiritually intensified contact.  The unique properties of the stone massage, combine with the universal energy, assist holistic energy flow within, thus creating an unimaginable feeling of well-being.

1/2 hour back, neck and shoulder massage £48

1 hour body massage £72

1/1/2 hour body massage £89

Super-Smoothing Body Polish

Enjoy silky smooth skin with our super-smoothing body polish.  A deep cleansing body scrub is followed by a rejuvenating aromatherapy lotion massage.  Designed to relieve the body's tension and fatigue whilst concentrating on the skin.

1 hour £66

Body Scrub – 1 ½ hr £76.00


Therapies You Deserve


The Pamper Package

Indulge yourself, a friend or partner in complete holistic luxury.  Your relaxation begins with a Super-Smoothing Body Polish, followed by a Vitamin Power Facial Treatment.  Next a Deluxe Manicure and is completed with an hour's Reflexology Massage.

4 hours (can be split) £200

Mum to be Vitality Glow

Ease that aching back with a gentle, safe therapeutic Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage.  Reach those toes with a pampering Pedicure.  And if you dare, prepare with that essential Bikini Wax, or alternatively choose an Eyelash Tint to help you through your busy schedule.

2 hours £100

Unlocking Your Stresses

Enjoy two hours of peace and quiet in a stress free environment. Release your mind with the ancient Indian Head pressure point massage to clear and calm your thoughts. Continue to unravel and rebalance your body with a Reflexology pressure point massage of the feet, with small firm thumb movements helping to restore your energy.

2 hours  £90

The Male Mission

Indulge your man in relaxation and grooming. Boys, treat your toes with a foot pampering Pedicure. Tensions will then be melted away by the deeply warming Full Body Volcanic Hot-Stone Massage.

2 hours £100

Signature Treatment 

Rid your body and mind of tensions and stresses.  Enjoy skin enhancing products and gentle massage movements to drain away facial tension in a Dermalogica skincare facial.  Soothe away tightness in muscles with the melting warmth of a volcanic hot stone massage.

2 hours.  £108

Add mini manicure 2 1/2 hours £136