During the summer of 1995, Appleonia Health and Beauty Studio was born into the village of Park Street near St Albans by Joanne Hammond. We started as a one room salon grew to five treatment rooms, returning to one treatment room and now operating from London Colney. This move has allowed us to offer a more relaxed one-to-one treatment for all our customers.

Joanne's nursing background gives her specific expertise in anatomy, physiology and customer care.   Joanne has learnt to appreciate people's needs and understands the complex pressures that everyday life can put you under. 

"My vision is to share my knowledge, inspire and educate individuals to take valuable time for themselves. Encouraging one to relax, unwind and enjoy a holistic balance in today's stressful and hectic lifestyles."


"In Appleonia, I've created what I'd like to experience in visiting a beauty salon."  The treatment regime has been carefully crafted, considering the plethora of lifestyles that we lead. As a people person, Joanne offers all personalities the opportunity to enjoy a tailor made treatment.


"Appleonia" is derived from a Greek name meaning light and life, something we try and breathe into every treatment.  


Joanne is highly qualified and experienced. Each customer is treated as a special individual and we continually advise and educate our customers on their specific needs. Appleonia offers the balance of a spa experience fitted into your daily routine.


Visit us and discover what it's like to feel relaxed, stress free and simply yourself again. We look forward to welcoming you.


Client Comments 

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Joanne Hammond